Tough sailing voyages 2018
  • Tough high sea sailing
    with the Mae West for M/F over the Northern Atlantics, new experience, friendship, landfall on exotic Arctic coast.
  • Arctic Expeditions 2018
  • Breathtaking sailing expeditions
    on Greenland West Coast with the Mae West between giant icebergs in a setting of mighty mountain ranges.
    The spotlight is on MW6.
    - Your private Arctic expedition -
    This is the encouraging call for an ambitious woman sailgroup, mountainering group, friendship club.
    Ultimate attempt , , to circumnavigate The North Pole. Must be peanuts since there is no more polar ice . .
    Read more about POLAR CIRCLE-XL and ‘how to join the crew
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    • POOLCIRKEL-XL has started July 1st and is underway since